A Georgia-based non-profit organization dedicated to exposing urban youth to bow and rifle hunting, environmental awareness, and conservation. The client desired an identity reflecting hunting elements with a new image that youth could understand and relate to.



THE DEEP Collective represents a growing group of West-Coast house music DJs. My client desired an image that represented their love and commitment to the music industry. Further, they wanted a thought provoking ambigram style image descriptive of the emotional ties to the music they love to share with their fans.

DB Bourbon Candy

DB Bourbon Candy represents the Kentucky chocolatier industry.  Unlike other treat, DB Bourbon Candy infuses their chocolate with a distinctive Bourbon whiskey. My client wanted a logo that to showcase the "soul" of the company by using elements of the name and chocolate industry. I chose the letters "D" and "B" will choosing an abstract image of a cocoa bean. Ultimately, I was proud to witness her reaction to her new identity and shipped a gift bag of DB Bourbon candy chocolates. They were awesome!

Tier One Solutions

The Tier One Solutions [TOS] project was a tiny yet very interesting glimpse into the guarded world of the private military contractor industry. I was referred to TOS by former clients who served in various branches of the U.S. Military. My client, a former U.S. Navy Special Warfare operator wanted a brand that represented his patriotism, experience, commitment, tenacity, and capabilities for his organization.